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Indoor playgrounds are located in an interior environment, which are also known as indoor play centers. All steel frames are wrapped in soft foam post pads, and all other parts are also soft-contained. These soft pads are not only colorful visually, but can also protect children when they are falling or bouncing around.

Indoor playgroundsoriginated in the 1990’s in the US; since then, it has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world. Today, it has evolved from simple indoor climbing frames to complex children play centers which including multiple play areas serving different age groups. In addition to ticket sales, the revenue of indoor playgrounds come from a diverse source of children’s entertainment and services such as: hosting parties, gift sales, kid’s arts and crafts, drinks, and more.

With the fast development of children's amusement industry and its unlimited potential, increasingly more investors pay attention to this industry.At the same time, Cheer Amusement is providing new products for our customers and potentially opening up new markets.

Cheer Amusement is not just a manufacturer of playground equipment, we also have lots of experience in stores management.