Firstly, you need to provide the floor plan and some pictures of your site sothe designer can custom design the structure for you to specifically suit your building and avoid possible mistakes on size and structure of the playground.
If you have a unique concept or requirements, you should let the designer know. You can visit the website to choose equipment that you feel will work well with your playground and ask the designer to put it into the drawing. However, not all your requirements can be reflected in the design, as the designers will rule out the unreasonable ones with their professional skills.
You can provide budgetary limits and the designer will take it into consideration working on the design.


Installation quality plays a crucial role in this business. If the equipment is not competently installed, even the best equipment will look substandard.The equipment is only about 30% quality and 70% installation.
We can provide you with a professional and skilled installation team to come to your locationand take care of all installation for you, leaving you with valuable time that can be spent to further your business-building process. Or we can send a supervisor out and you can hire some local workers to assist him in the installation of the playground.
If the playground is small and simple, you may be able to install it yourself using our instruction manual and videos.
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