Find an ideal location

Firstly, you need to provide the floor plan and some pictures of your site sothe designer can custom design the structure for you to specifically suit your building and avoid possible mistakes on size and structure of the playground.

Select a suitable supplier

As a professional supplier,we have an excellent understanding of the materials, safety standards, and installations of the playgrounds. Above all, producing top quality products is the priority.We will walk you through the whole process even if you have never approached this field before.

Go through the design

We will provide you with a 3D drawing before production, which will give you a visual representation of your playground and serve as a preliminary model before production starts on the actual project.

Start the production

The production will correspond to the design you confirmed.Also done before the process, we will send a confirmation to you about the details of the production, such as the materials used, manufacturing methods, and so on. Once you’ve confirmed everything, they will let you know the estimated delivery date and start the production accordingly. There are always adjustments during the productionto meet your expectation properly.

Installation of the playgrounds

We always have a professional installation team. The skilled workers with years of field training and experience will ensure the highest quality and the security of your playgrounds.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep all equipment in good condition. Lack of maintenance can cause significant damage that will often result in high costs in repair. We will also provide the detailed maintenance manual.
Your customers will recognize and appreciate the condition of your facility if you keep it clean and well maintained. In addition, the regular maintaining programs you establish will greatly extend the life of your equipment.
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