Ropes Adventure
Ropes Adventure is a very interesting entertainment, it focuses on trainning climber’s strength, endurance and agility. It is perfectly suitable for children with one safety rope running continuously around the course.It allows 1-20 children to operate at once time.While the children proceed through the course,parents can accompany their kids on ground level.


There are various obstacles available for the course such as rubber tires, climbing nets, rope walks etc.Easy to be installed in commercial market like shopping center or public places like school and park.Suitable for children within 3-12 year old. The most important feature of this device is to keep balance when you are totally on the top without any help and you have to come over panic. Another convenient feature is that the device is working without a lot of personnel management and daily water and electricity expenses. For operators, it is just an investment we can continue to make money.


Cheer Amusement is a pioneer in custom design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation supervision of indoor Rope Course equipment.Safety is always the utmost consideration during design, production, and construction. Cheer Amusement’s Rope Course equipment comply to the latest EU safety standard: EN 15567-1 Sports and recreational facilities - Ropes courses - Construction and safety requirements. Cheer Amusement’s Rope Course can be constructed on any scale and difficulty level that appeals to both kids and adults.

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